The Hydraulic Doctors

93 Berkshire Dr.  Bldg. F

Crystal Lake IL 60014




MFT, Inc.  started troubleshooting and repairing electro hydraulic machinery in 1982 for well respected manufacturers of hydraulic machinery and components.   Through the years we have established ourselves as professional integrators and service people for several hydraulic manufacturers, distributors and end customers.   Whether it is troubleshooting, repairing, applying or maintaining a hydraulic system or machine we have not failed any customer. 


We do apply products and have built a special relationship with some manufacturers to apply their products.  Because of the volume in piping, building or maintaining a hydraulic system we have built a few special relationships with some major manufacturers of hydraulic components.  They work with us to solve problems. We do not distribute a product but apply it. 


Troubleshooting for us leads to many areas of machine repair.  Many customers have us come in to go through their machinery to find efficiencies of pumps, motors to have an idea when repair may be needed.  We use thermal, mental and audible methods to find existing and potential problems.


Piping, tubing and hoses are part of our service as well.  We have to stock hoses and fittings for those midnight emergencies.  Cylinder, pump and valve remanufacturing are also a part of our service.


We are doing business with the same firms for the last 27 years. 


We are confident that with our commitment to our customers, along with our experience and expertise, you will use our service again. 



Emergency Number 847-561-3950